Episode 120: "Your Precious" on Radio Free Brooklyn ft. The Molok Team

"An Inside Look on a Night of Cold Readings" in Blended Magazine

After reading Pop’s piece we participated in an exchange about female adolescence. Pop surfaced the idea of young girls speaking about coming of age trials such as having periods, getting married, and planning funerals. The women of the group were able to implement their varied stories of adolescence to help Pop strengthen the realistic and charming personality of her bubbly protagonist.

Episode 101: "Breakthrough or Breakdown?" on Radio Free Brooklyn

"Mapping The Experience of the Student Playwright" by Zoe Kamil

Sometimes, discipline and structure is the best tool a mentor can provide. Nancy appreciates learning the "What I love about [mentor Kenny Finkle] is that he is all about helping you become your own writer. You need to find your own way to write and your own voice, but you also need to develop a schedule and maintain consistency."

Interview for "Reghinul Nostru" 

Dream Hotel Photo Series w/ Fred Watford