IN COLD READ is a monthly cold read series hosted by Nancy Pop at Spoonbill & Sugartown Booksellers. Each month we workshop several 10-15 minute works of theater and film/TV submitted by local writers at various stages of their careers. Actors are encouraged to attend and connect with the writers to bring their work to life in a collaborative atmosphere. Audience feedback is welcome and highly encourage, and we allow for 10-15 minutes following each reading to do so.

To submit your script to be read at IN COLD READ, please e-mail a brief introduction and copy of your excerpt to literarypulp@gmail.com

Pieces should be composed of a heightened reality — shouting, laughing, farting, burping, arguing, stomping, etc. and have minimal stage directions in the reading itself.

IN COLD READ starts every third Monday at 7pm; it is open to the public. Wine is a suggested $3 donation.

IN THE NEWS: An Inside Look at a Night of Cold Readings

COMING UP: In Cold Read #18
on Monday, April 22nd (4th Monday this month!)