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Fire Signs Present: F*cking Scorpios

  • Artichoke Basille's 18 Wyckoff Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11237 United States (map)

Scorpios (Oct. 23rd - Nov. 21st):
Dear Scorpios, 
Can we talk? No, seriously, can we talk? It seems like you can never put a sock in it! Take a personal day around the 3rd - it's long needed, and it'll give you a chace to properly recharge without having to drain others of their bodacious energy. Relationship statuses and developing bonds will solidify around the 13th; Yes, they want you for your body, but they also respect and appreciate your mind too so hollah back and let out a resounding "thankyewwwwwww!". Watch out on the L train around the 21st, where you're bound to be groped and "accidentally" tush-tapped during peak train hours. I know sweetie. Take this as a sign to move back off the J train and start respectig yourself again. After all, you were asking for it! You'll definitely get mansplained on the 24th, but also on the 25th, 26th, 27th, and basically every fucking day of your life! :-) On the 30th, start telling people you're going gluten free. 

No cover! Free prosecco! Happy hour prices all night! 

Amanda Figueiredo
Gem and Eye
Cassidy Dawn Graves
Meg McDermott
Nancy Pop
it's a secret until it's not a secret so come and find out who this bedazzled wonderbread is!!!