Last summer I directed and produced my first feature film, POETS ARE THE DESTROYERS. It was a whirlwind adventure and the hardest thing I've ever done. Every day felt like an uphill battle for the better part of 4 months; at one point I was working three different jobs so I could pay the cast and still managed to film entire scenes every - single - day.

But my DP/love Sam T Wilson and I together sunk our teeth into it and did the impossible with the help of some talented folks, including Chris Tabassi, Ashley Carvalho, Jillian Leslie, Molly Mary O'Brien, Kayle Lauren, and Jackie Wels. We also had a ton of help from other friends and resources, but I gotta cut to the chase. :)

Chloe Wine Collection in partnership with Women In Film have put together a film competition for works created by women about women. I received the e-mail notification today that POETS ARE THE DESTROYERS qualifies for the contest! The grand prize is $10,000 and a mentorship program with several Hollywood women producers, directors, and writers.

It would mean the absolute world + Pluto to me if you would go to this link and click "vote" in an effort to help us get to the Top 10! The first round of voting relies solely on audience participation, so I'm legit counting on YOUR help (and the help of internet strangers) to help our film get to the next phase of judging.

The film has already received interest from a well-known distributor. If I win, I will use the funds to pay my post-production crew, which includes my editor, sound engineer, and score composer. Help spread the word; please vote for us, and share this post! 🥰

This short excerpt features stars Synead and Shepsi Haider <3

😁THE LINK:…/poets-are-the-destroyers-23…

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