(photo by  Sam T. Wilson )

(photo by Sam T. Wilson)

NANCY POP is a multifaceted performer, producer, and writer from Romania, currently residing in Brooklyn, New York. 

Pop graduated from Marymount Manhattan College with a B.A. in Theatre Performance and Playwriting, in addition to training with The Second City (Chicago), Magnet Theatre (NYC), Berg Studios (Los Angeles), and Pacific Performance Project East.

Film and TV credits include Law & Order SVU, Tinderella, Origin, Moderngrumble, The Night Danny Got His Revenge, and Neapolitan

As the Managing Director at The Theater Collective, Pop produces theatrical works with the goal of uplifting marginalized voices at a grassroots level. She hosts "In Cold Read", a monthly cold reading workshop series at Spoonbill & Sugartown Booksellers dedicated to cultivating a trusted community for writers and actors to share and practice their craft in a collaborative setting.

Most recently, Pop finished production on her first feature film, Poets Are The Destroyers, which she directed and produced. Currently she is producing the new fantasy feature film “The Molok” co-created by Sam T. Wilson and Xander Chauncey.

You can listen to the soothing nature of her voice anytime as the voice of Ruth Moriarty/Janice Tomlinson on Breaking Walls Presents: A Man Named Marlowe, available wherever you get your podcast fix.